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Our mission is to create educational tools and support resources for survivors of emotional abuse and domestic violence.

And we need your help!

Whether you have just a couple of hours or a couple of days, you can be apart of Team TEAD.

When you join Team TEAD, you’re joining a team of collaborators that are passionate about bringing awareness to emotional abuse and providing survivors with the resources they need on their healing journey.

Available Opportunities

Community Outreach and Engagement Team

Do you have a passion for reaching out, making connections, and pulling people together to support a cause? Want to be the bold voice in your community or within your culture?  You're a great fit for our Community Outreach and Engagement Team.  Be apart of everything from casual meet and greets, conferences, social media gatherings, or any TEAD events where we are active and engaging. 

Content Team

Do you enjoy writing?  Have an interest in blogs, podcast scripts, editing, or any kind of writing? Join our content team and write to your hearts content.  We always have a need for blog posts, newsletters, personal essays... if you can write it, we'd love to read it.  

Education and Resources Team

Whether its tracking down information for another team, researching facts and statistics for a new survivor toolkit, or preparing for an upcoming workshop, our education and resources team is our go to for all things knowledge. 

Fundraising and Events Team

From our annual UNITED Festival (the first in the City of Redmond in honor of AA&NH/PI Heritage Month), to our Domestic Violence Awareness Month campaign, Team TEAD hosts many exciting events throughout the year.  Join our Fundraising and Events team and get ready to brainstorm, plan, organize, and run events.  You'll also be called to help us in our fundraising efforts so we can continue our work into the future. 

Graphics Team.

Eye-catching designs assist us in getting our message out there. That’s where our Graphics Team comes in. The design team will work to create digital, print, and video designs to be displayed across all platforms and media. Members of this team must have a basic knowledge of design, experience with Canva, and (preferably) experience with the Adobe Suite.

Social Media Team.

The Social Media Team is the face of Team TEAD. The Social Media Team will be responsible for publishing posts, curating content, and creating social media graphics across all platforms. We are currently seeking managers for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Twitter.