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Team TEAD's LGBTQIA Toolkits

Welcome! These toolkits were created by fellow LGBTQIA youth and youth of color. They are an educational tool on dating and dating violence within LGBTQIA relationships.

Team TEAD's LGBTQ+ Youth Toolkit

LGBTQIA+ youth experience dating violence (DV) at higher rates than heteronormative people.  LGBTQIA+ people of color face even higher risks (see our Team TEAD LGBTQIA Youth of Color Toolkit for more information)


In this toolkit, we break down risk factors, what LGBTQ+ dating violence looks like, and offer validation and strategies.

Remember you are beautiful and you are valid!

Picture: Team TEAD members after constructing a ribbon inclusive PRIDE flag at a local Redmond, WA business. 

Artist: Axton Burton, founder, Redmond PRIDE

Team TEAD's LGBTQ+ Youth Toolkit

LGBTQIA youth of color are one of the most at risk groups for domestic violence (DV). This toolkit will break down systemic, cultural, and religious barriers faced by LGBTQIA youth of color. By understanding the root causes, we can work towards breaking the cycle of violence.


For a more general breakdown and statistics on LGBTQIA DV, please see our Team TEAD LGBTQIA Toolkit.

Picture: Youth celebrating PRIDE

"No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.”


Marsha P Johnson (she/her)