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Our Board of Directors

Ariel Mei (She/Her)

Founder | Executive Director | President of the Board

In coming to terms with her own abuse, Ariel saw the need to break barriers and begin the discussion around emotional abuse— specifically within AAPI, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ relationships. She started her journey as a podcaster, which led to her discovering the greater need that TEAD works to fulfill— ending emotional abuse.

Sabine Glocker (She/Her)

Board Member

Sabine is an attorney, currently based in Philadelphia. She works in family law, with experience in criminal and civil (particularly sexual and child abuse claims). Originally from the Seattle-area, she earned her BA in psychology in 2016, her JD in 2019, and will earn an MS in forensic psychology in August 2021. Sabine has worked in forensic inpatient psychiatric units, for think-tanks and non-profits, and for multiple judges. As a survivor of multiple types of abuse, Sabine has dedicated her career to aiding others through legal avenues. Sabine has written amicus briefs to the United States and Polish Supreme Courts, aided in legislative drafting and testimony, and assisted in high-profile litigation. Sabine is part Latina and enjoys hiking, writing, music, photography, and engaging in GIF wars with Ariel.

Erin Firth (They/Them)

Board Member

Erin is a neurodivergent genderfluid research scientist/engineer working in microbiology and astrobiology. Their pronouns are flexible, but they/them are always okay. They are passionate about abolishing the police, community-based mutual aid systems, cooking, and most recently tinkering on cars.

Naomi Suguitan (She/Her)

Board Member

Originally from Hawaii and now traveling around the country as a military family, Naomi has been an active advocate against domestic violence since 2017 after realizing her own journey as a victim and survivor of emotional and verbal familial abuse. Naomi is active in multiple non-profit organizations, serving as a board member with The Emotional Abuse Discussion and Jingle Jam 10K. She also serves as the Development Coordinator for The Warrior Connection— an organization that works with veterans coping with PTSD.